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Thirty Seven Month Newsletter

Dear Mateo and Harper,

You are officially three.

At the introduction to a Disney movie, they always show that castle and the fireworks and large amounts of pixie dust. You always declare that you want to "go there next time", whenever that is. We've since told you you can go there when you are five years old, thinking it would put an end to this declaration, but it backfired. Because now you say you are three years old and next time you are going to be five so you can go to the castle. It's going to be a long two years.

You both say all kinds of things that have us alternating between WHERE DID HE PICK THAT UP FROM? to THAT'S AN IMMEDIATE TIMEOUT! to THANK YOU FOR YOUR MANNERS! to doing everything we possibly can to not bust out laughing.For better (and worse), we see you mirroring the words and actions of those around you now more than ever - classmates, adults, us. It's making us want to be better people for sure.


In the month since your birthday, we've done lots of things.

Some neighborhood parents whose kids are in the same class you'll in next year at your new school put together a clandestine picnic. It was a nice Sunday morning and it was bittersweet for Matou and I to watch the kids you'll spend the next three years with. (Because remember when I said you mirror others' actions and words? Yeah.).


We also attended an "official" school event, the Spring Fling. It was on the school grounds which had been transformed into a playtime wonderland fit with hair painting and rock climbing and water slides. You loved it, which we loved. We're just not so sure how it's going to go on your first day of school when you notice that the water games aren't there anymore.

DSC_8751.jpg DSC_8878.jpg DSC_8937 (1).jpg DSC_8964 (1).jpg

And we went to New Orleans! New Orleans is so special to us because that's where Mommy and Matou first met nearly 12 years ago. And we want to always share that city and its culture and our friends so dear to us with you. Of course, that also meant a practice trip out to Jazz Fest, which was about what we expected. All in all it was a great trip.


Until recently, it's been pleasant outside, so you've been doing lots of bike riding on your birthday bikes, which you love, which we love that you love.

DSC_7752.jpg IMG_0205.JPG

You're fighting like dogs, though. Do you think you can stop that? Because mommy's ears are really tired. REALLY tired.

Whispering our love for you,

Mommy and Matou

Reader Comments (2)

Happy Birthday to the two of you!
You are so cute! I love those bikes!

06.7.2011 | Unregistered CommenterKate

They have gotten so big! I have to ask how you got your son to like his Skuut. I got one for each of my guys and they are so frustrated by them!

06.7.2011 | Unregistered CommenterLara

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