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Gone Fishin'

Just to bring you up to speed. We've been trying to conceive (TTC) for 3 months now, each with no success, although not unexpected since these things usually take a while. We're using donor semen via a reputable sperm bank. This month, we've ventured down the fertility drugs road, taking Clomid. I'm on day 2 of that--and emotional! Wow!

We had a nice little vacation to South Louisiana two weeks ago and did some fishing. It was a relaxing trip and far away from internet access where I'd otherwise have obsessed over my temperatures or possible pregnancy symptoms. Slept a lot. Ate too much. Caught lots of fish--not as much as we've caught before, but I can guaran-dang-tee it Jesus coulda fed a lot more than 5,000. I've posted a picture of our catch. More later, just wanted to get this thing started.

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Fantastic post to kick off the blog - the "published" story begins.

07.21.2009 | Unregistered Commenterjeff

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